Channeling My Travel-Envy

Channel Travel-Envy Into Happiness

Visiting other bloggers travel sites is difficult for me because I get a serious case of travel-envy.  This petty research brings me down when I start thinking about how each one of them is doing a better job than me at getting around the globe.  The reality is, however, many of them are in the same situation as I am.  That is, I am not constantly traveling — a secret that most travel bloggers hold.

I believe people are meant to go on adventures & explore, that is why we have legs (and if we don’t have legs we have devices we can operate to be our legs).  I also believe we are meant to be a part of a community.  After my last big jaunt, I had a sense of disconnection with my community and I didn’t like it.  I decided that delving into the community was my next big adventure.

Through this aspiration I have learned that I don’t need to be in a dream destination to try new activities, go somewhere thrilling, or make unique friends — I can do it in my own community.  That means that you can too!  Take a moment to analyze whatever the topic may be that you feel that you’re missing out on.  What is it about (insert heart’s desire here) that makes you want it so bad?  For me, I love to learn and meet new people and so I’ve begun to do those things in my own community.  This makes me appreciate being a local instead of always wishing I were somewhere else.

Of course, I am still planning on traveling when I can but I am done being unsatisfied with the moment of life I am in.  I also have quit spending so much time delving into other travel bloggers’ social media.  Using their knowledge to grow my own is one thing but envying them is another.  Learning to be happy where I am is my own way of becoming a better traveler.

Is there anything around you that you find yourself envying?  What do you think makes you want it so bad?  What do you do to stay happy about the moment of life you are in?  Share your story in the comments below, I would love to hear about it!



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