St. Louis Budget Bucketlist | Missouri

I visited St. Louis for a long weekend and had an amazing time on a dime.  The places I visited in St. Louis were fun, iconic, AND affordable.  Anyone can visit these spots and enjoy themselves with family or alone.  To get around, I used a car, not public transportation.  I was also with family who knew how to navigate the highways and I also used a GPS both of which got us to each destination with ease.  Unfortunately, the weather was crummy or else the Arch would be on this list.  However, I had a marvelous time without seeing it so it just goes to show that St. Louis is more than its Arch!

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

The first time that I heard of Ted Drewes it was on the Today show.  Every once in a while they have someone on the show that is from St. Louis and, when asked about St. Louis, the first place that person brags about is Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.  Ever since then I knew I needed to try some delicious.  When we got to TD’s there was a smaller crowd even though it was drizzling and cool.  I ordered the s’mores flavored flurry and it was honestly to die for!  The only way that I can describe it is that the flavor of the custard is deeper and more flavorful than any other ice cream or custard that I have tried.  My purchase was under $5 and the experience was true St. Louis.

St. Louis Science Center

This place is so much fun for kids and adults alike!  Entry is free and then you have the entire day to wander around if you choose.  The paleontology area was so cute and interactive for children.  Guests are able to help dig out dinosaur bones that are set in a beeswax mixture and bigger bones that are under rubber chips.  There were many wings and levels of the building to explore.  The bonus was that the center gave us something fun to do while the rain poured down outside.  It was my brother, sister-in-law, and baby niece who is under a year old so it is safe to say that adults will enjoy this center as much as kids will.

Schlafly Brewery

The Schlafly Brewery would be at the top of my brother’s must-see St. Louis destinations.  They are also a restaurant and use fresh healthy ingredients that turn into incredibly delicious meals.  I broke my vegetarian eating regimen for the Lamb Lasagna and it was very much worth it.  Guests are also able to book a tour ahead of time through the processing side of the brewery.  I didn’t get to do this but they are free on Sundays so why not?!  Checking this place out is really fun and the vibe is homey and comfortable.  They welcome families to come and eat as well.

I hope these ideas help you plan your affordable trip to St. Louis.  Let me know your recommendations in the comments!  Thanks for reading!




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