Self-Guided Tour Giveaway!

Have you ever been on a self-guided tour?

Taking charge of your own wanderlust is one of the greatest traveling secrets. Doing so allows you to set your own pace, take coffee breaks, and really take in the knowledge of the city around you. I do this by taking self-guided tours from my favorite tour group, GPSmyCity. I used their tours in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and absolutely loved them. I also have one waiting for when I travel to Buenos Aires one day! GPSmyCity is great because their tours can be downloaded and used when cellphone signal and WiFi are unavailable.

GPSmyCity has so many cities options to choose from. Best of all, the downloads never expire (check out the city list here). If you plan on heading on a trip this summer or even next year, the GPSmyCity tours will be ready and waiting on your app download. Thanks to GPSmyCity 20 Hello Atlas readers will receive a free code to the city of their choice! Simply subscribe to this blog and 20 people will be selected & notified that they have won!

Not only that, but GPSmyCity is running a special for lifetime access to ALL of their guides for only $60 (1% of the original price). These self-guided tours are not only historical, they also include dessert tours, architect tours, religious building tours, gallery walks, and tours that take travelers down the same streets walked by some of our favorite celebrities (think the Beatles!).

Subscribe now to get your code for the GPSmyCity’s self-guided tours of your choice. Β Check out GPSmyCity’s website to learn more about this awesome app!



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