Know Before You Go | Munich, Germany

A Free View–
When traveling, it is always fun climb the city’s highest point to see the surrounding area.  In Munich, travelers can find a great roof-top view at Café Vorhoelzer at the local university.  Once at the top, visitors will find themselves in a café.  Trust me, the coffee is delicious and the space is lovely.  Guests will appreciate the 360 degree view that the connecting rooftop terrace has to offer.

Soup– A staple German meal is homemade soup & bread.  Whenever I meet a fellow traveler, I love asking what they miss about home.  The Germans always mention their fresh breads!  Viktualienmarkt is a great place to shop and grab a tasty bowl of soup with fresh bread on the side.  This market is centrally located and easy to get to in Munich.  Travelers will enjoy discovering all the treasures at this open-air market.

Taste Creativity– Der verrückte Eismache is a fun place to try German ice cream.  What makes this ice cream stand out amongst others are the flavor options!  How about a scoop of beer, pancake or salmon flavored ice cream?  Try brushing up on German before arriving because I did see a flavor with snail shells as the topping…

The Disney Castle–
The Neuschwanstein Castle*  is a couple hours away from Munich via train.  Before taking off, slip into the help office at the Bahn train station and ask for an itinerary and where to go to purchase the tickets.  This will be incredibly helpful in making the train trip simple.  After arriving at the final train stop, exit the station and look for the bus that says Neuschwanstein Schloss.  Purchase a round-trip ticket and then exit the bus when everyone else does; most of the passengers are going there too!

*Note- This trip takes the entire day!

Clothing– If traveling to Munich in the summertime, bring a variety of clothing.  One day can be burning hot and the next can feel like autumn!  I had left Spain before arriving in Munich and the difference in July was incredible.  I longed for my winter jacket!  If in Germany in the wintertime, pack warm & cozy clothing.  Travelers will be outside often so prepare accordingly.

What are some tips that helped you before you went to Munich?
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