Go On An Adventure: A Guide

Telling someone that they should simply go and travel is easier said than done.  Even with the budget ready and gear purchased, knowing where to start when you’ve never traveled on your own is a little tricky.  In this blog post I have listed my guide to make travel happen.  This process is one that I apply to every trip I go on.  Of course, there are many factors that are not listed such as lodging & sight-seeing, but those will be different with every traveler.  Below is a basic foundational list that can be added to and/or molded to suit whoever decides to use it — so now you have a place to begin!

If you don’t have a travel bucket list then begin making one
Use sites such as Pinterest, Bloglovin, and WordPress for inspiration
Rank the places on your list from the #1 place you want to go, to #2, and down the line

Use Airfare Watchdog to stay up-to-date on ticket prices
— Even if you aren’t ready to pack your bags, it is good to set alerts early to get an idea of prices
Search & purchase through Skyscanner, this site will find the best deals if AFWD doesn’t
Airlines update ticket prices on Tuesdays @ 3pm EST, therefore, prices will generally be cheaper this day of the week
No one travels in February so ticket prices are often at their lowest this time of year

Pack one manageable carry-on bag + one personal item (purse, backpack, etc)
Tell your bank & credit card companies you’re going on a trip
— Take out cash at ATMs and don’t withdrawl too much at once
— Distribute your cash in various places around your luggage
Bring along a lock
Make a hard copy of important information (addresses, phone numbers, names, etc)
Be aware & try to not look like too much of a tourist!

Pack a journal & pen, then use it! Bring along sellotape to attach mementos inside (click here for more ideas)
Always be aware of where your camera and/or cellphone is
Be IN your photos whether that means using a selfie stick or asking someone to take pic
Write postcards home, even if it is to yourself

This little list is something that I personally repeat every time that is go on an adventure.  What do you like to do?  Do any of the list speak to you?  Leave a comment below!


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