Fun Free Things To Do In Sydney

Traveling is fun no matter how big or small the budget but it can be even more fun when sites & activities are free!  Today I am sharing a list of free and accessible things for you to do while visiting Sydney, Australia. Take note that transportation prices are not included into these activities.  Buses and trains in Sydney cost roughly $3 per trip and can get you to these destinations!  Drivers and ticket consultants can help you figure out your plans!

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I’m Free Tour – Custom House

I’m Free Walking Tour
I began my Sydney adventure with this tour and would suggest travelers to do the same.  The tour is free and tipping the guide is welcomed at the end.  The guide walks the group around the city for four hours teaching about the history and helping familiarize visitors with their surroundings.  They also pass out a very helpful free map that helps me for the rest of the trip!  I think that these types of tours are a great way to see the city and even make friends.

Stroll The Botanical Garden —
This garden is huge and incredible.  There are many paths to stroll down and many different themed areas for flora. ‘The Botans‘ are great for eating a picnic lunch and reading a good book while relaxing within urban nature.  There is a green house that has open hours as well as an art gallery for a small fee.  It was in these garden that I saw a beautiful owl that is apparently fairly common!  Keep an eye open and enjoy.

Original Seuss Art Work (think $75,000)

Window Shop The Queen Victoria Building —
This is one of the locations on the I’m Free tour but it is nice to spend a little more time here.  It is a very historical building for the city and has some incredible shops.  I found an authentic Dr. Seuss art gallery and really loved seeing the art.  There are nicer shops and boutiques to explore.  There are several cafés to sample as well.

Explore Newtown —
This neighborhood is teaming with life and entertainment.  With numerous quirky shops and local-flavor eateries, travelers can take a break from the sky scrapers downtown for an eclectic hipster feel.  It is just a 20 min. bus ride on the 422, 426, 428 bus line.  If you are planning ahead, book a ticket at the Enmore Theatre!  There is always something exciting on their stage.

Customs House & Library

Sydney Custom House —
Although no longer used for customs, the Sydney Customs House is the public library!  This means free WiFi, cute reading corners, and daily newspapers from every country.  What a great way to relax while checking up on what is happening at home?  Guests can also get a great birds eye view of the city… if they look down!

Swim & Explore Bondi —
Because this is a tourist must-do I had to put Bondi on this list.  To get to Bondi on the bus from the City Quay it will take a about 40 minutes.  Once at Bondi Beach, do not miss the walk along the cliffs to the right where the sand ends!  A bonus is the free beach WiFi! (If beaches are a priority for you, look into Manly Beach)

The Blue Mountains

Hike The Blue Mountain Paths —
Though the trip to this mountain range can be over an hour driving the sights will leave everyone feeling satisfied.  There are several paths to choose from if you are wanting to hike.  Before starting out on a Blue Mountain trek, stop inside the information center to map out your route.  The rangers will help you figure out which way is best for you.

What are some of your favorite free activities in Sydney?



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